Spring Fever 2010

Spring Fever 2010!

Posted on March 19, 2010 at 9:42 am

For many around the globe, the winter was very harsh. Like many others, we have really been looking forward to spring this year. We thought we’d help our blog visitors usher in spring with a bang. We’ve prepared three pages of free goodies for everyone! :) Unlike our past group events, all the party favors are immediately available for download. That’s right–no waiting for an update each day. Just browse choose your party favors! :D

RD & Friends’ are very proud to present:

Spring Fever 2010! Click here for 2D and 3D Freebie Fest!

We want to keep the party pages clean so they hopefully load faster since we often change our blog skin (some skins display comments in a long string). So please leave all feedback, thank yous, and shout-outs on this announcement blog post. We’ve enjoyed reading your comments during our other events very much! It’s nice to know our efforts have pleased so many! :wink:

Now go grab some party goodies! As with our other parties, the more the merrier, so tell your friends! :) Enjoy your spring and be safe. 8)

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